From American Psycho
09/01/2012 (22:42)

Toronto Raptors – Minnesota Timberwolves

* Toronto is quite tricky in its victory. We stay away from this game after the 62 points they scored in their last game. In the handicap is worth putting it somewhere in Minnesota at 3.5 to 4.5 points in their favor. Tricky is also the handicap of 187.5 to 188.5 points but it is marginally towards the under.

Philadelphia 76ers – Indiana Pacers

* Philadelphia has the edge for the win and we pick them for the win. The handicap of 6.5 to 7.5 points seems to be marginal, as the under-over of 184.5 points. The game seems that will reach somewhere around there maybe, but it’s not worth it.

New York Knicks – Charlotte Bobcats

* New York will probably get their revenge, but they will not have it easy with Charlotte. The win of the home team is not worth it. The handicap of 10.5 to 11.5 in favor of Charlotte points is also curious put it somewhere but that’s it. The under-over is too high at 201.5 to 202.5 points combined, but not impossible to happen, but still we do not like this one.

New Jersey Nets – Atlanta Hawks

* Atlanta got confidence with performances that have made lately and you have to pick their win. The handicap of 5.5 to 6.5 points is marginal, as New Jersey will fight hard for the game. The under-over here is very well studied in 177.5 to 178.5 points marginal towards the over.

Chicago Bulls – Detroit Pistons

* Chicago will definitely win the game, but its win is very low. However, it will be a huge surprise if the Bulls don’t get the victory. The handicap of 13.5 points seems to be high, but if Chicago doesn’t rest some of their starting players can win with a margin of 15-17 points. Very well studied is also here the under-over at 178, 5 to 179.5 points. Marginally we pick the over.

Denver Nuggets – New Orleans Hornets

* Denver will win this game; we would hardly have an upset here. The handicap of 13.5 points is really the most difficult of all the games, can end the game with 12 to 14 points. Equally tricky is the under-over at 191.5 to 192.5 points. Marginal perhaps is the over, but very marginally.

Our Picks
* Generally very difficult and tricky day, be careful and do not expose too much.

Wins: Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, New York and Philadelphia
Handicap: Chicago, Minnesota
Underover: under Toronto