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26/12/2011 (20:17)

Washington Wizards – New Jersey Nets

This is a game between small teams in the East. They both
attempt to rebuild. Washington looks more ready while the focus is on the
battle between Wall – Williams in the perimeter. Generally it is an aggressive
game with a slight edge in the home team since the Nets are still looking for a
good deal and have the substantial absence of their center Lopez. So more to
the home team (at NBA the second team is the home team) at 1.50. We pick the
over with 190 only.

Charlotte Bobcats – Milwaukee Bucks

A reasonably hard game as Bucks last year had problems
offensively but this season hope to have fewer setbacks from injuries and play
better. Team well worked in defense, of course, Jackson is questionable today
probably plays like Bogut. Charlotte trying to find rhythm and team president
Michael Jordan can not wait much from Augustin, and Maggette! However, it is
… hard nut to crack at home. We look more towards Milwaukee (at 1.60).

Orlando Magic – Houston Rockets

This game has a favorite in Orlando, which however, has
other things in mind as an exchange of Howard, who loks probably bored … and
as he has said he wants to leave. Yesterday he had 11p a poor performance in
Oklahoma and Orlando was down 20p most of the time. Houston this year is waiting
for Scola to fight for the playoffs. It’s a team with major weaknesses in the
post-Yao era. Logically it is not bad in 1.45 Orlando which is certainly
fatigued from the trip yesterday in Oklahoma. But the Rockets do not look good
this year.

Cleveland Cavaliers – Toronto Raptors

This is a strange game. In rebuilding face again the two teams.
We must watch them first to form an opinion. However, the Cavaliers are
stronger inside and Toronto is a tricky team in general, which this year will
throw the burden on defense. No Bet.

Indiana Pacers – Detroit Pistons

This looks like an interesting game. Indiana shows stronger
this year and last year played well at home and we expect a good performance as
well this year and better. Detroit is also in a transitional season and do not
forget the significant absence today of Villanueva in the frontcourt. So even
if it is cunning game, we go with the home team, but the odds of 1.20 in the NBA does not
make sense. Falls and we should watch for the under at 197.

Minnesota Timberwolves – Oklahoma City Thunder

This is a game with Oklahoma being the favorite team of
course as it is the most emerging team in NBA strong candidate for the title in
the West! Easy win with Orlando was +20 all game long. It is also a close trip.
This year Minnesota is a changed team and has nothing to do with last year’s
monstrosity as Adelman is an experienced coach and the team has an excellent
duo Love – Beasley as forwards. However it has several doubtful players today
and wants attention. At 1.40 Oklahoma has a clear advantage however.

Dallas Mavericks – Denver Nuggets
Interesting game, especially after yesterday’s humiliating
defeat for the champions on their home loosing even 35p from the Heat! However,
there can’t play again so bad and their new players like Odom primarily and
Carter will start to come around. Denver is a serious team and worked well but
has a short roster and weaknesses playing away the team of Kosta Koufos who will
see playing time today. Good the 1.45 for the Mavericks today.

San Antonio Spurs – Memphis Grizzlies

This is a very interesting game. Last year San Antonio was unstoppable
in the regular season and … suffered elimination from Memphis in the playoffs
and wants a rematch as it is the last season for the old players! Memphis is
after Oklahoma the most upcoming team and one with the best frontlines in the NBA.
Interesting is also the battle between Splitter – Mark Gasol. Not worth the
1.30 for the home team, we pick Memphis at +5.

Phoenix Suns – New Orleans Hornets

Premiere for two teams with problems to see what they are going
to play this year. Decline in Phoenix as Nash and Hill aged and they are
looking to exchange the first. New Orleans still has no owner, and Jack is
suspended for today. Weird game, there is no value at 1.40 in the home team, pick
New Orleans in +7.

Sacramento Kings – Los Angeles Lakers

This is a strange game between two old neighbors. Sacramento
has a youthful and enthusiastic team and last year struggled with the Lakers
and he made an upset in the games between them! So be careful as there is
nothing special but it plays good and free basketball. And the Lakers have
weaknesses. But with Chicago they lost a good opportunity since they had an 11 point
lead playing good defense, but committed suicide at the end with Kobe being the
one to blame. They still have out their main center Baynum due to suspension. Lakers
have the advantage, but not for 1.45.

Portland Trail Blazers – Philadelphia 76ers

This is a though and weird game. Portland has a record number
of injuries in recent years that had to be the new project instead of Oklahoma in
the West but … However it starts with defense and home court advantage for
the playoffs this year and they will see what they will accomplish. Doubtful
again are today Oden and Camby. Philadelphia is a well worked team and will
fight for the playoffs but looks like its missing something. Open game, perhaps
Philadelphia 76ers with +4.

Golden State Warriors – Chicago Bulls

Looks like a reasonably easy game for Chicago. Bulls,
however, were not impressive in the opening day with the Lakers but took the
win with the experience they are building and made a great turnaround at the
end (from -6 at 1′ and -11 at 3′!). It’s a team that knows how to win these games
with their defense. In transitional state is Golden State as they tried to play
defense yesterday with the Clippers, is a fighting team and turned the game around
two times from -10, but at the end did not have solutions from the bench and
Ellis had low percentages. Bulls will aim the opposite centers today and
reasonably will pass but is low the 1.35. We think more towards the under with

Most likely BETS

Wins: Chicago, Dallas, Indiana, Oklahoma, Orlando,
Washington, Milwaukee

Handicap: Philadelphia +4, Memphis +5, New Orleans +7, Dallas

Under-over: Under Chicago 202, over Washington 197

Our Picks

Wins: Chicago, Dallas as base and after triad with Orlando
and a coupon with Washington, Milwaukee, Oklahoma (4-6)

** At NBA we do not open up too much ever …