From Guru of Patras
01/12/2011 (16:12)

Unics Kazan – Galatasaray

Unics Kazan (last results)
Siena 71-79
Galatasaray 68-64
Barcelona 65-93
Prokom 72-68
Olimpija 81-51 L
Siena 79-73

Galatasaray (last)
Prokom 76-72
Ounix 64-68
Siena 77-103
Olimpija 79-70 L
Barcelona 66-70
Prokom 78-76 (overtime)

** Weird game. Unics is playing complete now and reasonably has the upper hand, but lets be careful that the game has no significance. The odds of 1.30 to 1.35 are low and not worth it. Generally its an odd game and not worth betting even on the possible under with 145 as with a score like 75-70 for example we lose!

Fener.Ulker – Olympiakos

Fener.Ulker (last results)
Caja Laboral 66-69
Olympiakos 74-81
Nancy 90-86
Bilbao 73-70
Cantu 85-83 (Fri.)
Caja Laboral 85-90 (overtime)

Olympiakos (last results)
Bilbao 61-76
Fener 81-74
Caja Laboral 79-81
Cantu 63-64
Nancy 91-78
Bilbao 88-81

** Fener.Ulker has the lead playing at home with their big frontline. But they are very unstable. The odds of 1.50 are not bad for a simple victory. Reasonable is also the under with 151 points already falling as the game will be at 70-75p.

Prokom – Barcelona

Prokom (last results)
Galatasaray 72-76
Barcelona 61-88
Olimpija 62-70 L
Ounix 68-72
Siena 73-84
Galatasaray 76-78 (overtime)

Barcelona (last results)
Olimpija 86-64 L
Prokom 88-61
Unics Kazan 93-65
Siena 92-75
Galatasaray 70-66
Olimpija 72-46 L

** Weird game because of Barcelona’s odd behavior this year. If they are in the mood they can win by 20p, otherwise, they can end up wit a 5-7 point difference! It’s a matter of their frame of mind. Logic is also the under with 144p.

Cantu – Caja Laboral

Cantu (last results)
Nancy 80-69
Caja Laboral 69-81
Bilbao, 78-69
Olympiakos 64-63
Fener.Ulker 83-85 (overtime)
Nancy 75-76

Caja Laboral (last results)
Fener.Ulker 69-66
Cantu 81-69
Olympiakos 81-79
Nancy 85-90
Bilbao, 84-89
Fener 90-85 (overtime)

*** This is also another tricky game a thriller. Cantu will go with the home court advantage and their defense but they don’t have the good frontline to take advantage of the inability of Caja there. If Caja has a good percentage in three points wins easily! Thriller, but has an interest in 2 and the under together at 150.

Armani MI – Real

Armani MI (last results)
Maccabi 89-82
Real 78-85
Efes 54-62
Charleroi 81-76
Partizan 65-69
Maccabi 76-85

Real (last results)
Charleroi 100-76
Armani MI 85-78
Maccabi 82-88
Partizan 79-80
Efes 104-84
Charleroi 93-89

** Its an open game as Real is more comfortable but Armani MI desperately needs the game. Both teams are unpredictable. Real has a fuller rooster nevertheless they have to have the desire to play the game as hard as they should. But we have Armani MI that needs too win or else they are out of the competition. This is a strange and unpredictable game with Real having just slight advantage.

Olimpija L – Siena

Olimpija L (last results)
Barcelona 64-86
Siena 57-79
Prokom 70-62
Galatasaray 70-79
Unics Kazan 51-81
Barcelona 46-72

Siena (last results)
Unics Kazan 79-71
Olimpija 79-57 L
Galatasaray 103-77
Barcelona 75-92
Prokom 84-73
Unics Kazan 73-79

** This can be an easy win for Siena although we should be careful as they are not there as stable and reliable this year and has absences and players who are out of form. Siena with its good defense wins and the 1.25 is reasonable. But also we prefer the under at 147-148 since Olimpija will hardly score 65 points.

Partizan – Maccabi

Partizan (last results)
Efes 73-84
Maccabi 66-70
Charleroi 91-81
Real 80-79
Armani MI 69-65
Efes 58-67

Armani MI 82-89
Partizan 70-66
Real 88-82
Efes 79-72
Charleroi 69-59
Armani MI 85-76

** Weird play as Partizan transforms at home and plays a lot better! However, if someone takes Pekovic out of his game as did Efes, their offense suffers. Maccabi on the other has problems in perimeter shooting to deal with the zone defense of Partizan. That’s why its a weird game. Maccabi however at 1.70 looks like a good bet.

What we play

Everything went well yesterday but today? The day is tricky. We expect many games to be very close. There are a few bets very difficult and inconclusive. Even Siena at 1.20 for Euroleague has no sense even if it happens.

Most likely BETS
Wins: Fener, Cantu, Siena, Maccabi
Handicap: —
Over/Under: Under Fener 151, Barcelona 144, Cantu 150, Siena 148

Our predictions
Wins: Fener after Maccabi
Handicap: –
Over/Under: Under Siena 148 and under Fener at 151 mainly in live