From Guru of Patras

19/10/2011 (15:20)

Euroleague started and we have analyzed all groups to provide all the information you need. How they play, what they did in the transfer market and what to expect from them.
Today we have four matches and two other from Germany but we don’t bother with them as the teams are inconsistent and as I say we don’t bet on games with odds of 1,10 in the German League. Let others bet on
them (that’s  how we avoided the surprising upset of Hagen with ALBA)! 

*So today in Euroleague we have some interesting bets. The Unics – Siena game is a very even game and everything is
possible. Montepaschi Siena
is still lacking
offensive efficiency but manage to work solid defensively. Unics has a strong home court advantage but Greer and Lyday are very
inconsistent as point guards because they think score first and create
secondly. They relay to much on perimeter shooting (three points), from Domercant and McCarty since they lack inside game. Tough game! So we are going to bet on the under at 149 points here as it is going to be a game around 70 points and especially at live. 

*Logic says Fener is going to win Caja Laboral as they have the debt and the home
court advantage with 15000
fans at their side.
Finally the frontline will prevail over Caja’s week frontline. Of course Fener isn’t ready yet and has ups and downs during the game and Caja Laboral may be dangerous with the three point shots they lanch. But since we have limited choices
we go with the odds of 1,35 in
favour of Fener and nothing else. We
don’t play the under because if Caja succeeds from three point line we
might have a high rate game an go around a 75-77 point game. 

* Bennet
is not Siena
to be at odds of 1,30 but at the same time Nancy is not
something special either.
Batum is a key player but he suffers against zone defences. In the Championnat game vs Strasbourg he had 2/12 shots!
Cantu with their good defense won’t give up more than 65-70 points. But their
offense isn’t as effective. In essence they are a miniature copy of Siena. Since Nancy
has also problems defensively wetake only the win of Cantu. The handicap is very marginal.     

*Finally in Poland the win of Galatasaray is dropping witch was oddly high in the beginning at 2,10! Galatasaray played in the preliminary games and are more prepared, and on top of that they acquired the
center Pachulia from the NBA. This is a key game for the qualification.

Prokom has a lower budget than other seasons and its not a coincidence that they don’t have good American players. They kept the same team and coach. Last year they were eliminated having a better
roster from phase 1. they have good home court but isn’t
enough. Plus they are not ready as a team yet, since they don’t play at Polish League and played only two games
in the North League. Consequently we‘ll pick the win of Galata

*May I remind you that single bets with odds over 1,70 and handicap and under/over we
play them mainly at livebetting 


We pick win in the double of Fenet-Cantu (at 1,35 and 1,30 and over –its not chance that we put limits because we saw what happened to the Bilbao – Real game for instance witch started from 1,65 and over and winded down to 1,40
witch had no playing value betting wise)

Win of Galata

Under Siena at
All even