From Guru
of Patras

25/10/2011 (14:13)

This is an early game in the second round of
the Euroleague. Malaga
is generally in good condition and lasted half of the game at OAKA (52-49) against Panathinaikos. At the second half they collapsed
having major problems on defense and playing without Fitch who had a problem
with his passport but returns today and the team is complete. Malaga
also cuts from Euroleague
competition Tripkovits.

They play in their powerful home court arena,
with 12,000 fans on their side, being 4 for 4 in Spanish League. They had
no trouble last Sunday against Zaragoza (79-57).
Overall they are in a good condition and without problems. Not a superb team

Zalgiris is now without Zouros, as the Greek coach was fired
last week along with manager Masalskis. They are waiting for the arrival of a
new coach (rumors say Kezmoura or
another Greek coach)! All this after the easy defeat from CSKA which was certainly reasonable and expected, but Romanov had
earlier problems… with the Greek coach.

However, Zalgiris as we mentioned in
our analysis, and we were proven right, had no team chemistry and problems in
the bench, especially at the center position. Also too many guards who want to shot
and the ball in their hands! They won in two consecutive games in the Lithuanian league against Pieno 91-74 and 91-73 at Baltai on Friday. Collins is doubtful, but rather plays.

* Malaga
has a strong home court and they feel confident. Zalgiris without a coach in essence, might be very dangerous as
they’ll lack stress and have a hot perimeter. But the problem is their
frontline and Malaga with Zoric, Sinanovic and Freeland will get the ball inside and will
damage the Lithuanians who have no
depth in their frontline.

So Zalgiris
might have a chance to win only if they “sink” many three-pointers or play a high rate game. But we must pay
attention because they can score. Normally it is a low bet the odds of 1.25-1.30
for Malaga, but
this situation is justified and we finally we’ll pick it close to 1.30. But do
not get entangled with the mystery handicap
of -17 even though it has a chance. Don’t go for the under either, because Malaga
will probably keep Zalgiris around
70 points, but they might score a lot themselves.


Malaga Win (at 1.30 approx)