From Guru of Patras
08/12/2011 (14:57)

Galatasaray – Siena

Galatasaray (last results)
Ounix 64-68
Siena 77-103
Olimpija 79-70 L
Barcelona 66-70
Prokom 78-76 (Fri.)
Unics Kazan 61-72

Siena (last results)
Olimpija 79-57 L
Galatasaray 103-77
Barcelona 75-92
Prokom 84-73
Unics Kazan 73-79
Olimpija 63-57 L

**In this game we are expecting poor play from both teams and the defense having the upper hand. The Turks will play their zone and Siena will have a problem without McCalebb. Galatasaray though has no players to create their own shots in Siena’s defense and therefore the game is strange and in essence without interest whatsoever. Its not worth it at 1,50 for Galatasaray, but the under at 145 or 144 and dropping is possible.

Malaga – Bamberg

Malaga (last results)
Zalgiris 85-78 (overtime)
Bamberg 79-78
KK Zagreb CO 99-85
CSKA 66-77
Panathinaikos 76-77
Zalgiris 65-67

Bamberg (last results)
CSKA 74-94
Malaga 78-79
Zalgiris 70-81
Panathinaikos 79-76
KK Zagreb CO 74-86
CSKA  78-81

** Malaga has the clear advantage in the match, but the odds of 1.20 are low. However we go with the home team, since Bamberg has weaknesses on the road. Don’t bother with the handicap and under-over.

Charleroi – Partizan

Charleroi (last results)
Anadolu Efes 80-79
Partizan 81-91
Armani MI 76-81
Maccabi 59-69
Real 89-93
Anadolu Efes 62-66

Partizan (last results)
Maccabi 66-70
Charleroi 91-81
Real 80-79
Armani MI 69-65
Anadolu Efes 58-67
Maccabi 74-71

** We expect a close and tough game with Partizan having the motivation but without Pekovic they will have a problem. Logically we go for low scoring as Partizan should lower the game to 70 points to hope fro victory so the under at 147 will have a chance.

Barcelona – Unics Kazan

Barcelona (last results)
Prokom 88-61
Unics Kazan 93-65
Siena 92-75
Galatasaray 70-66
Olimpija 72-46 L
Prokom 76-45

Unics Kazan (last results)
Galatasaray 68-64
Barcelona 65-93
Prokom 72-68
Olimpija 81-51 L
Siena 79-73
Galatasaray 72-61

** Barcelona wins easily in this game. The two teams have a big difference in quality but we do not know if Barca will open up the rhythm of the game. Most likely the game will be around 15 points and close to the handicap but Unics is a good team and wants attention. We don’t mess with this game too much.

Real Madrid – Maccabi Tel Aviv

Real (last results)
Armani MI 85-78
Maccabi 82-88
Partizan 79-80
Anadolu Efes 104-84
Charleroi 93-89
Armani MI 72-67

Maccabi (last results)
Partizan 70-66
Real 88-82
Anadolu Efes 79-72
Charleroi 69-59
Armani MI 85-76
Partizan 71-74

** Real has the edge and maybe the handicap. Of course, Maccabi is always capable of everything and so we just go with the home team and nothing else even though it is possible the under at 160p.

Olympiakos – Caja Laboral

Olympiakos (last results)
Fener.Ulker 81-74
Caja Laboral 79-81
Cantu 63-64
Nancy 91-78
Bilbao, 88-81
Fener.Ulker 70-86

Caja Laboral (last results)
Cantu 81-69
Olympiakos 81-79
Nancy 85-90
Bilbao, 84-89
Fener.Ulker 90-85 (overtime)
Cantu 68-71

** Olympiakos will put the ball inside and with Papadopoulos normally has superiority. If they defend well the perimeter shooting (three-pointers) of Caja and find solutions in zone defense with the inside game where the Spanish team has a huge problem they will have the advantage. They also play at home and with Spanoulis in great form can get the victory more easily than we think. We just prefer the simple win as we do not forget the lapses in performance in the game the Reds have.

Most likely BETS
: Olympiakos, Real, Galata, Malaga
Handicap: Barcelona -15
Under/over: Partizan 147, Real 160, Galatasaray 145

Wins: Olympiakos-Real-Malaga together
Under: Partizan 147 and Galatasaray 145 mainly at live