From Guru of Patras

17/11/2011 (16:49)

Unics Kazan – Olimpija L.

Unics Kazan (last results)

Siena 71-79


Barcelona 65-93


Olimpija (last results)

Barcelona 64-86

Siena 57-79



The game has a clear favorite which is Unics
, however, not convincing enough yet as it has problems. The Russian
team took a dramatic victory in Poland against Prokom in a game that started well (22-29), finding the opponent
without their first scorer Gee, but didn’t
take advantage of that and then got stuck in offense in the zone and were
loosing 43-41 and 62-57 in
36 minute. Eventually with their experience and the 25 points of  Domercant they prevailed.

Generally, as we have said from the beginning they are having a one-dimensional
offense based on three pointers, the frontcourt is good but not a threat from
far and Greer and Lynday are
confused in the point guard and the team therefore has trouble scoring and relies
on defense. They play well at home but does not fill the stadium and is in the course
of qualification, however. They defeated
76-65 Krasnie Krilya in VTB League.

*** Olimpija is mediocre this year. So they lost fair
and relatively easy to Galatasaray at home and it’s difficult to qualify. Losing by 11-20 and 28-41, but even
the score (63-64). But there they suffered a 0-9 run and lost (63-73). They
rely on offense in three point shots without which they wouldn’t reach more
than 65 points and generally has a mediocre roster. Of course they don’t have
good team chemistry
. However, they are an experienced team, won in the Adriatic
rather difficult in Krka 80-78.

** Easy for Unics and the odds
of 1.15 is ok. But with the handicap of 10 points it’s not wise to mess around
as Olimpija is experienced and combative and Unics does not score easily. The 147 is
marginal and we don’t touch it.

Galatasaray – Barcelona

Galatasaray (last results)



Siena 77-103


Barcelona (last results)


Kazan 93-65

Siena 92-75

This is reasonably easy game for Barcelona,
which plays according to its moods. ​​ Barcelona that plays a lot better recently.
However many times seem to play good enough to win unless they are hyped for a
showdown! In Siena won easily the 0/6 threes from Navarro and led 19-4 (!) and did beat
the though Italian team which cut the lead to 75-68 but didn’t threat them.
With Valencia in Spain had two different
halves as they advanced by 16p with a 15-0 run (19-29, 47-63) but suffered a
blackout and found them with a 21-6 run at 68-69 with the ball to the opponent!
Finally they got the win but showed inconsistency though they are clearly a
powerful team.

** Galatasaray in their first appearance
in Euroleague showed capabilities. They beat Olimpija
in Ljubljana and they are expecting to qualify. Without much stress for
this game since it’s out of schedule. Against Olimpija they led by 11-20 and 28-41 but lost
control of the game (63-64) at the end and once again lost large margins. But
there made a 0-9 run and put an end into the game (63-73).

But be careful of their gaps
in their game. They showed that against Prokom
as from +18 went to +1 and with Unics
where they lost although leading by seven to 33 ‘ in fact.
The good news is that they
won with Lakovic held in 2 points only! Aldemir
is getting better and Pachulia returns
but they lost at home 61-69 from Efes
in Turkey.

*** Barcelona
easily wins this one, but beware that sometimes they lower the tempo of the
game. The odds of 1.25 are good, although low, we pick the visitors with the 7 points.
With the 147 points we don’t get tangled.

Maccabi – Charleroi

Maccabi (last results)

MI 82-89



Efes 79-72

Charleroi (last results)


Efes 80-79


MI 76-81

Ιn this game the question is what the score will be (the point differential) though
Maccabi is strange as in other games
scatters opponents in delight of the 15.000 fans and other times they cut the
rhythm of the game at the end as they did with Partizan leading by 17 but ended with just 4p difference. Maccabi is in excellent condition and
passed easily from Turkey
and Efes, although started badly (8-1) but then even the game and played good
basketball with the known zone defenses and pluralism in the offense.

But be careful as they don’t
have consistency in the three-pointer and duration, and so in Constantinople looked confident (43-52 and 53-59) but
went to (70-70!) But they had a clear mind and experience at the end. In good
shape is the NBAer Farmar, waiting
for the incorporation of Langford to
help in scoring even more. Great home court arena, good climate, won 81-69 away
in the Adriatic league against Buducnost.

** Charleroi
in Belgium
lost a great opportunity with Armani MI.
As was in front with small differences (61-53 and 74-71 in 39) but suffered a 2-10
run in the last minute due to their inexperience! Tricky team playing away,
having beat Efes, they possess a mediocre
roster but with good team chemistry and stress-free, so they want attention. They
are relaxed as they had no match in Belgium.

** Maccabi can win easy and its
their issue whether to make the -16. Depending on their appetite they can and get
the -16.

Siena – Prokom

Siena (last results)

Kazan 79-71



Prokom (last results)


Barcelona 61-88



Easy game for Siena and the question is what the point
differential will be. Siena starting
to play well and finding the good rhythm with tremendous chemistry and defense,
but has trouble in the forward position and they are looking to add a player
since Rakocevic can’t make the
In Barcelona lost easily, however, and started very badly (19-4) and simply cut
the lead to 75-68 but never threatened the Spanish team.
Poor performance as in Milano on Sunday lost in the end in a
thriller 63-56 (from 55-56 at the 38′)! Reasonably they want to erupt in a game to get psyched up.

** Prokom after the fleeing of Gee
and without goals and money did not cover the gap. They are a mediocre team but
with good philosophy and fighting spirit. With Unics fought and were unlucky and led by 43-41 and 62-57 in 36 ‘but had no clear
mind in the end. In VTB League they lost in with 65-74 by CSKA. They have no goals
but they struggle in all games.

** Easy one for Siena
and the handicap is up to them. The 20 points are reasonable but with 19 points
we have no reason to entangle. But we pick Siena to win as they want to get an emphatic

Armani MI – Partizan

Armani MI (last results)



Efes 54-62


Partizan (last results)

Efes 73-84


Charleroi 91-81

Real 80-79

An interesting game to a group that is on fire and a good team will be left
out! Milano got a win in Belgium with Charleroi although loosing the whole game with
small differences (61-53 and 74-71
in 39) but had a 2-10  run in the last minute with their experience
and prevailed in an unexpected development! In Italy
got a great victory in the derby on Sunday to beat Siena at the end in thriller game with 63-56
(from 55-56 to 38 ‘)! Very good roster but bad chemistry since virtually have
not even prepared!

Therefore, and as Cook is not enough in the point guard
position, they have problems in offense and especially in zones. However they
improved in defense and rely on it. Good atmosphere, Armani the great
shareholder goes to games and expect 10.000 people in the Forum.

** Partizan with Pekovic and Law,
and with Peko making an excellent duo with Macvan
despite 2/14 threes got a great victory with Real in a game thriller and sees qualification! Led by 14-3, Real balancing (55-61), but the home
court advantage and luck determined the fate together at the end and got a great
victory. Partizan isn’t impressive
this year, but playing well and does damage. Sly in away games with their experience
and defense. In addition in Adriatic
they won the 82-78 with Siroki

** Milan wins
but not easily and the 1.25 is very low. More or less we pick Partizan and 8p and the undet at 150p.

Bamberg – Panathinaikos


Zagreb 96-65

CSKA Moscow 74-94

Malaga 78-79

Zalgiris 70-81



KK Zagreb CO 81-62


CSKA Moscow 76-78

Interesting game for Panathinaikos which
is cunning and the Greens should pay attention. Panathinaikos is rested and did not play in Greece, but has
his mind to the big derby against Olympiakos
on Sunday. However it has a bitter taste by the way lost to CSKA in overtime after a great effort as
he led by 67-58 in
36 ‘! Shocking is the injury of Tsartsaris,
while Perperoglou is out. He has no worries
about this game. They rely on defense and wants a clear mind and patience in offense.

** Bamberg side is able to seat 8.000 fans and last year had won Olympiakos
if you remember. They fought
with Zalgiris and reduced in double
digit differences but in the end after 64-62 and 70-64 had no clear mind. And
combined it with the defeat by Malaga
it makes qualification very difficult. Team with tremendous chemistry and
strong defense this year scores and with greatest depth. It is difficult to
qualify but it hopes. They defeated Bonn 85-73 away
in Germany
very easily.

** Panathinaikos wins logically but militant Bamberg will fight and the game wants
attention as the 1.25 is low. We don’t mix with such low odds, but only in
combination. Marginal is the 7.5. Pick the under with 153.

Real – Anadolu Efes

Real (last results)

Charleroi 100-76

MI, 85-78



Anadolu Efes (last results)


Charleroi 79-80

MI 62-54


Interesting game and crucial as the group is very difficult without easy teams
and already both have defeats outside the schedule (Real from Partizan and Efes from Charleroi). Real, however, that after the big upset in Belgrade, however, lost fairly. Started
badly with a 14-3 lead, evened the game and advanced 55-61 but then the game
played in little details and lost not using their experience. So they want to
get it together now. Then they had a good game with Malaga
away (96-80) and with Carroll to become the leader on the offensive with a 17-3
run to skip to a 39-42. Very full roster but he wants more time and chemistry.
It has hot outbursts.

** Efes with long budget and aspirations
disappoints despite the good start. They lost easily from Maccabi even though they started well (8-1), had no answers for the
zone and fell behind by 7 to 10 (53-59) but with the crazy game (8/33 threes!) and
support from the fans tied the score 70-70 in 38 ‘! Eventually they lost and looking for
a good win away in Milano with their defense. Sarica is getting confused at the bench. In Turkey won
68-61 away against Galata. They want
time to find chemistry and develop the offense. Excellent roster but needs work.
Members of the administration … buried Savanovic
for his performance!

** Real has a pure lead, but the 1.22 is low. Marginal the 7p and towards the under at 154p.

*** Difficult day today and we saw what the live does especially in the Euroleague.
And yesterday, CSKA with 23p passed
went to 1.30 and we did syre bet.
The same happened with the under of Olympiakos
and so on. Even with Zalgiris when
passed 54-61 since the game was strange and had covered the previous games had
to do even coverage. Generally bad day though. Today we have some points. We
fear again the big handicap.

** Today we had again many options but don’t have something very solid and
go with key combinations since everything passes and everything does not.


* Remember that games of 1.05 and 1.10 NEVER deserve betting. Still singles,
with odds of 1.70 and above handicap and under over we play them mainly in livebetting.

Most likely bets

Wins: Unics, Barcelona,
Panathinaikos, Real

Handicap: Barcelona -7, Siena-19, Partizan +8

Over/under: Under Panathinaikos 153, Milan 150, Real

Our predictions 

Wins: Unics, Barcelona, Panathinaikos and Real that

Handicap: Barcelona
-7, Siena -19, Partizan +8, in order, but not strong and Barcelona as basis.

Over/under: Under Panathinaikos 153, Milan 150, Real
154 mainly on live

Best bets