From Guru of Patras

15/12/2011 (16:11)

Unics Kazan – Prokom

Unics Kazan (last results)

Barcelona 65-93

Prokom 72-68

Olimpija L. 81-51

Siena 79-73

Galatasaray 72-61

Barcelona 50-63

Prokom (last results)

Olimpija L 62-70

Unics 68-72

Siena 73-84

Galatasaray 76-78 (overtime)

Barcelona 45-76

Olimpija 67-52

** Weird game with no interest. Both teams are loose for
this game. We don’t want to touch the handicap at 12p. Reasonably it’s going to
be a low scoring game with Prokom scoring 60p on offense and thus we go for the
under at 142-143 points.

Fenerbahce Ulker – Bilbao

Fenerbahce Ulker (last results)

Nancy 90-86

Bilbao 73-70

Cantu 85-83 (overtime)

Caja Laboral 85-90 (overtime)

Olympiakos 86-70

Nancy 73-53

Bilbao (last results)

Cantu 69-78

Fenerbahce Ulker 70-73

Caja Laboral 89-84

Olympiakos 81-88

Nancy 97-75

Cantu 64-67

** This is a tricky game and it’s going to be close. Fener isn’t
comfortable and wants a good placement to secure advancement mathematically. Bilbao
will fight very hard. With odds of 1.25 we do not lay the home team because it
is not worth it. We will go with Bilbao at +7 and expect a thriller match were
the Spanish team might even win as they will lower the score with their zone
defense. We don’t mess with the under as the game may have lots of free throws
down the stretch although it’s very probable with 151 points.

Bamberg – Zalgiris

Bamberg (last results)

Malaga 78-79

Zalgiris 70-81

Panathinaikos 79-76

KK Zagreb CO 74-86

CSKA Moscow 78-81

Malaga 90-79

Zalgiris (last results)

Panathinaikos 75-92

Bamberg 81-70

KK Zagreb CO 78-80

CSKA Moscow 82-95

Malaga 67-65

Panathinaikos 59-94

** Another weird game this is as Bamberg is very strong at
home and can stop Zalgiris and get an easy win. But if they get overwhelmed by
anxiety and don’t start well the Lithuanian team is good, they are able to win such
games. Low the odds of 1.40, and a strange game, No Bet although the Zalgiris with
+7 is a more likely bet.

Olympiakos – Cantu

Olympiakos (last results)

Caja Laboral 79-81

Cantu 63-64

Nancy 91-78

Bilbao, 88-81

Fener.Ulker 70-86

Caja Laboral 84-82

Cantu (last results)
Bilbao 78-69

Olympiakos 64-63

Fener.Ulker 83-85 (overtime)

Nancy 75-76

Caja Laboral 71-68

Bilbao 67-64

** Olympiakos is able to win relatively easy. The 1.20 is
low, but it sticks. Cantu has no depth I their bench to withstand and after
qualifying for Top-16 they kind of relaxed. Olympiakos will press Basile and they
will contain the Italian team to 60-65 points. So we go with the victory, possible
the -8 and the under at 150-151 is very likely since Cantu with the defense and
the zones will lower the rate as usual.

Maccabi Tel Aviv – Anadolu Efes

Maccabi (last results)

Real 88-82

Anadolu Efes 79-72

Charleroi 69-59

Armani MI 85-76

Partizan 71-74

Real 64-88

Anadolu Efes (last results)

Armani MI 62-54

Maccabi 72-79

Real 84-104

Partizan 67-58

Charleroi 66-62

Armani MI 84-70

** Maccabi has the advantage butte game needs attention, as
they are playing badly and Efes without stress, is now dangerous. They will play
zone as Maccabi is weak in three point shooting. But Efes is not efficient in
offense too. Logically Efes with 6 points has an advantage but do not bother
with it since there is no real motive in this game.

Siena – Barcelona

Siena (last results)

Galatasaray 103-77

Barcelona 75-92

Prokom 84-73

Unics Kazan 73-79

Olimpija 63-57

Galatasaray 67-63

Barcelona (last results)

Unics Kazan 93-65

Siena 92-75

Galatasaray 70-66

Olimpija 72-46

Prokom 76-45

Unics 63-50

** This is definitely a hard and low scoring game. Logically
we start from the under with 146 since both rely on defense, unless the game opens
in pace from the very beginning so we have to look it at live. Barcelona wins
but the truth is that the odds of 1.40 are low. As Siena plays at home and Barcelona
is comfortable since they have qualified.

Most likely BETS

Wins: Olympiakos, Barcelona

Handicap: Bilbao +7, Olympiakos -8, Zalgiris +7
Under-over: Under Olympiakos 151, Unics 143, Siena 146


Our picks

Wins: Olympiakos

Handicap: Bilbao +7

Under-over: Under Olympiakos 151, Siena 146 and after Unics 143