From Guru of Patras

14/12/2011 (15:02)

The final two rounds of the first phase of the Euroleague
and today we must watch what teams are indifferent, those who have qualified,
or those who have virtually ruled out as we have seen the dissolution of teams
such as Olimpija Ljubljana. Besides, is not important if you get the 1st or 2nd
place. And overall ranking is not very interesting. The qualification has
already secured for CSKA, Panathinaikos, Barcelona, ​​Siena, Unics, Cantu, Real Madrid, Efes Pilsen, and
Maccabi and almost there is Fener, Caja Laboral, Olympiakos, Galatasaray. Interestingly,
no team has been excluded, but only mathematical hopes exist for some. CSKA and
Barcelona want to go undefeated.

The most important game is that between CSKA with Kirilenko
back, but it does not play well and Panathinaikos that seems to get it together
and this constitutes a kind of crash test.

Olympiakos seals qualification at home with secured Cantu!
Great match in Siena, but the local team has many injuries for the game against
Barcelona. Armani MI falters but still hopes to qualify. Maccabi has qualified
but there is talking about the performances. Also consider that the last
remaining NBAers left. Bilbao plays a do or die game in Fener.Ulker. In trouble
is Malaga, qualification for the winner in the game of Bamberg. Indifferent is
only the fourth group.

CSKA – Panathinaikos

CSKA (last results)

KK Zagreb CO 89-47

Panathinaikos 78-76 (overtime)

Malaga 77-66

Zalgiris 95-82

Bamberg 81-78

KK Zagreb CO 87-74

Panathinaikos (last results)

Zalgiris 92-75

CSKA 76-78 (overtime)

Bamberg 76-79

Malaga 77-76

KK Zagreb CO 94-76

Zalgiris 94-59

** The key here is if Kirilenko plays. Reasonable yields of
1.40 and 5p, and marginal. CSKA doesn’t play well and if Kirilenko is off they can
lose from a good Panathinaikos. But if they play hard on defense they might
keep Panathinaikos low in scoring. I want to remind that in the Olympic Stadium
the Greens had played very well and had lost after leading +12 in a rather unfortunate
end. With all that we do not bother with this one. We prefer the under at
151-152 as reasonably the game will be played to 70-75p.

Galatasaray – Olimpija L.

Galatasaray (last results)

Siena 77-103

Olimpija 79-70

Barcelona 66-70
Prokom 78-76 (Fri.)

Unics Kazan 61-72

Siena 63-67

Olimpia L. (last results)

Prokom 70-62

Galatasaray 70-79

Unics Kazan 51-81

Barcelona 46-72

Siena 57-63

Prokom 52-67

** Galatasaray can win this one easily. But why mess with the
handicap? Ok the home team might get the handicap. But we prefer the under at 139
witch also falls as Olimpija is difficult to score against any good defense
like Galata over 55p. And logically we’ll see bad basketball.

KK Zagreb CO – Malaga 

KK Zagreb CO (last results)

CSKA 47-89

Malaga 85-99

Zalgiris 80-78

Bamberg 86-74

Panathinaikos 76-94

CSKA 74-87

Malaga (last results)

Bamberg 79-78

KK Zagreb CO 99-85

CSKA  66-77

Panathinaikos 76-77

Zalgiris 65-67
 Bamberg 79-90

** Evil game. Certainly Malaga has more depth and better
team experience and name. And as much as KK isa tricky team we go with Malaga
here that however will not win easily.

Armani MI – Charleroi 

Armani MI (last results)

Efes 54-62

Charleroi 81-76

Partizan 65-69

Maccabi 76-85

Real 65-72

Efes 70-84

(last resutls)
Partizan 81-91

Armani MI 76-81

Maccabi 59-69

Real 89-93

Efes Pilsen 62-66

Partizan 84-79

** Armani MI has the lead and wins reasonably but not easily
with the militant Belgium team. But less than 1.20 is meaningless. Neither have
we cared about the 9p. We pick the under with 152 as Milano will probably go to
a low score as it does at home and with much zone defense.

Real Madrid – Partizan

Real (last results)

Maccabi 82-88

Partizan 79-80

Efes 104-84

Charleroi 93-89

Armani MI 72-67

Maccabi 88-64

Partizan (last results)

Charleroi 91-81

Real 80-79

Armani MI 69-65

Efes 58-67

Maccabi 74-71

Charleroi 79-84

** Weird game fro betting. May be loose, but Partizan can
fight for the upset if it finds Real loose or if they are in good mood (Real)
they might just win easily. So this is a classic No bet.

Caja Laboral – Nancy

Caja Laboral (last results)

Olympiakos 81-79

Nancy 85-90

Bilbao 84-89

Fener 90-85 (overtime)

Cantu 68-71

Olympiakos 82-84

Nancy (last results)

Fener 86-90

Caja Laboral 90-85

Olympiakos 78-91

Cantu 76-75

Bilbao 75-97

Fener 53-73

** Caja wins one way or the other. Weird game for betting
but as if Nancy once again run out of strenght at the end and especially if they
are disappointed and Caja shoots well, we might see a 20 points game. So do not
bet anything.

Most likely BETS

Wins: Malaga, Armani MI

Handicap: –

Under-over: Under CSKA 151, Galatasaray 139, Armani MI 152



Wins: Malaga, Armani MI


Under-over: Under CSKA 151, Armani MI 152