From Guru of Patras

29/11/2011 (17:40)

Spartak SP – Bayern

Spartak SP

Cedevita 73-56

Benetton 87-78


Benetton 72-62

Cedevita 64-70

** Spartak has the advantage for the win but not easily and so the
1.20 is prohibitive. Although they can trap Bayern with their defense as they don’t have good playmaker, they
are failing to score a lot and the difference counts, Bayern is interesting to +8 and we place the bet on them.

BC Azovmash – Krka


Le Mans 79-76
Lietuvos 55-83


Lietuvos 65-73

Le Mans 84-65

** Azovmash has just a slight edge,
but in no case worth at 1.30 for an unstable team that probably will not have Pecherov their leading player. We could
go with Krka with seven but without
Ray who will score? No Bet.

Academic – Valencia


Oostende 66-65

Villeurbanne 66-62


Villeurbanne 78-87

Oostende 75-62

** Valencia wins but not easily the
serious and sly Acantemic. However
it has more depth and wants the victory. Not bad at 1.50 and we take Valencia and luck certainly has the under at 147 because
its hard for Acantemic to score 70p.

Lokomotiv Kuban – Frankfurt


Gran Canaria 76-84

Banvit 75-67


Banvit 72-73

Gran Canaria 58-71

** Easily fro Locomotiv at home and
their good defense and therefore they
can get the -12.

Donetsk – Cibona


Hapoel Jer 80-71

Gravelines 53-78


Gravelines 71-101

Hapoel Jer 73-89

** Donetsk has
the precedence, but the game is wicked with the experienced Cibona. For odds of 1.30 and less is not
reasonable. With 7p may have a double but it’s easy to see the home team win
easily. No Bet.

Rudupis – CEZ Nymburk


GasTerra Flames 82-77

Aris 60-71


Aris 64-55

GasTerra Flames 93-60

** Easy for Nymburk as we saw with serious
teams as Aris Rudupis had no score. The Czechs
want the 3/3 to finish the qualification. So we go with the victory that is fine
at 1.45 and maybe the handicap -5.

Hapoel Jerusalem – Gravelines

Hapoel Jerusalem

Donetsk 71-80

Cibona 89-73


Cibona 101-71

Donetsk 78-53

** Clearly Hapoel at home has the lead
but the match is strange since Gravelines
is in terrible shape. But be careful as they might be tired and Hapoel is tricky. If the play it we pick the home team.

Riga – Cholet


PAOK 80-74

Khimky 70-90


Khimki 63-75

PAOK 62-74

*** Hard game. Riga, however, plays at home and the 1.55
is not bad although the French will
fight till the end. Not that Riga
is credible.

GasTerra Flames  – Aris

GasTerra Flames 

Rudupis 77-82

Nymburk 60-93


Nymburk 55-64

Rudupis 71-60

** Aris, because of their experience and it seems to play better, has the
advantage, but the game is not easy because we are not convinced by them also.
However, GasTerra Flames 
does not play
defense, so the 1.70 of Aris goes somewhere just because of the value. Besides Aris
went and won easily Rudupis on the road. Why so high on Aris? Take him.

ALBA – Turow


Dexon Mons 78-74
Buducnost 86-68


Buducnost 50-75

Dexon Mons 67-66

** Alba wins very easily. And the
odds of -11 with Alba’s condition and Turow’s offense show possible. But beware
that the Germans get stuck several times and it wants attention.

Dexia Mons – Buducnost

Dexia Mons

Alba 74-78

Turow 66-67


Turow 75-50

Alba 68-86

** Mons has a narrow lead and 1.65 is good.
Besides they are playing the last chance to qualify and Montenegro team have other problems. So go with
the home team.

PAOK – Khimky


Riga 74-80

Cholet 74-62


Cholet 75-63

Riga 90-70

** Khimky has the lead and the 1.30 is good. But to go -6 and -7 double
handicap as PAOK will have trouble to sustain and score  more than 65p.

Cedevita – Benetton 


Spartak 56-73

Bayern 70-64


Bayern 62-72

Spartak 78-87

** Cedevita has the pure lead, although
the 1.30 is low but reasonable. They can get the -7 but just watch it. But has a chance since Benetton has
large dead gaps in their performance.

Le Mans – Lietuvos

Le Mans

Azovmash 76-79

Krka 65-84


Krka 73-65 

Azovmash 83-55

** Lietuvos is more complete
and has the lead clearly enough if they are serious. Generally good
performance, but be careful as it is tall to score and if you can run the Le Mans have a problem.
Better to avoid it.

Oostende – Villeurbanne


Academic 65-66

Valencia 62-75


Valencia 87-78

Academic 62-66

** Villeurbanne with full roster has the slight
edge, otherwise we go with Oostende. Weird game in general, however, as it will
be a thriller with thw ace dropping, but we say No Bet.

Gran Canaria – Banvit

Gran Canaria

Lokomotiv Kuban 84-76

Frankfurt 71-58


Frankfurt 73-72

Lokomotiv Kuban 67-75

** Gran Canaria can get the clear win ,
although the 1.20 against a Turkish team that has no bad roster and will
fight, is not a good bet. Low score, the
-9 is marginal. Don’t bother with it.

*** It’s an interesting day and there are many bets. Beyond that we have many combinations and
the issue is we should avoid the pitfalls with the NBAers leaving and try to
have valid reports, and to avoid any upset when it bursts.

*** Remember that games of
1.05 and 1.10 do not deserve betting. Still singles, with odds of 1.70 and
above, handicaps and under over we play them mainly in livebetting.

Most likely bets without order

Wins: Riga, Khimky, CEZ Nymburk, Aris, Valencia,
, Cedevita, Dexia

Handicap: Khimki -7, CEZ Nymburk -6, Lokomotiv
-12, Bayern +8, Cedevita  -7, Alba -11

Over-Under: Under Valencia 147

Our Picks

Wins: Base Khimky, CEZ Nymburk
that at least double that – Then with Cedevita
Valencia and Mons

Handicap: Bayern +8 and then  Alba at -11, Khimky -7, Cedevita -7,

Over – Under: Under Valencia 147 at

** Basic options and bets
are wins, so put less money to handicaps which are worth equal in amount as the
victories after Bayern.