From Bagetas

14/10/2011 (21:46)

Villeurbanne – Paris

This game is at the center of attention to all basketball fans all over Europe! The reason is the possible debut of
the great NBA star and France National member, Tony Parker, who is also the biggest stock holder of the team and as long as the NBA lock out is
in effect he will play for his team. Villeurbanne lost to Roanne although they made a run at the end of the
game. Parker brings the team at a different dimension, and in their home arena they want to win. 

Especially with Tony there will be a sold out! Paris on the other hand is not the best
team to bet. They easily beat Le Havre with a run in the third quarter but they
are not a convincing team.
Villeurbanne with Parker won’t have a problem but with the
odds at 1,10, what’s to
bet; The 10-12 points handicap are marginal and so is the over.

Orleans – Chalon

is one of the worst teams to bet also with incredible results! They had a poor performance against Poiters playing away and lost deservedly at the end of the game
having problems offensively and a poor rotation. But sine the play well at home they hope to do well in the championnat. Chalon
in the other hand doesn’t have a deep bench and they are not very consistent team. 

But they have good team chemistry as they have the same roster as last season; have
experience and a sound staring line up. Tchicamboud is ready to play but lost practices.
They won against Gravelines, an important win.
This is a wide open game but the more experienced and better Chalon is an interesting bet especially at +2. Marginal
is the under/over.

Orthez –
Le Mans

This is a very
traditional rivalry between to powerhouses of the French League especially in
the last decade. Orthez started exceptionally well as they won easily against Toulon. But we should be careful as Toulon had big problems. So let’s not get carried away. Shakur with 7 assists was exceptional and he will be very important to the team.

They shoot lots of threes but they lack bench strength
Le Mans had problems with newcomers Nanterre as they were loosing 28-37
at halftime but escaped with victory. Since they played in the Eurocup they are more prepared but they do have ups and downs in their
performance. They do
progress though. Le Mans has a small advantage.


This is a day with very limited
choices or betting. Chalon may be a
good choice if you want to have a little fun.