morning fellows! Basketball betting season progresses as Α1 starts the weekend
and we are waiting for the ΝΒΑ and more leagues. But since it’s the beginning
we should be careful with many of them. In the
Baltic league where teams may go easy Khimky M. and CSKA Moscow they have the
advantage over VEF Riga and Spartak St. Petersburg, in the away games

general we have a lot of choices today. Let’s put everything into perspective.
There is the analysis of the Spanish games which are not easy. We are not sure
that all the favorites will pass on. There might be an upset somewhere. So what
we should do?
To win
we pick Fuenlabrada, Sevilla, Valencia and we add CSKA and Khimky to make it a pentad
(5 bets). If you want to play Real or Caja it’s a different case and should be
played separately.
In the
handicap we have Panathinaikos in -45 , Murcia in +8 an Barca in -16
unders are Bandalona 148, Sevilla 147, Gipuzkoa 147.

*As a friend of mine says, “dear Guru are we going to play
? Well, when we have lots of games
we play combinations or play singles. May I remind you that we NEVER play wins in 1,05 and 1,10 in basketball and if
we can, especially in unders we go with livebetting and sure bet just as we analysed even in singles or handicaps.


A pentad
with Fuenlabrada, Sevilla, Valencia, CSKA and Khimky. The triple of Fuenlabrada, Sevilla, Valencia in
Spain. It pays double money ifit passes. Play Real as a single. Also
PAO in -45 , Murcia
in +8 and the unders of Bandalona 148,  Gipuzkoa