From Guru of Patras

27/12/2011 (16:34)

Happy birthday guys! We went well at the holidays but now we
should be careful generally as always this time of the season we have several
surprises also of the fatigue that comes in many teams and so on. Generally
needs attention and our choices are limited as we see in the full analysis we
have from our partners. Today things are slow as the French league is full of surprises
and reversals as is the Italian League that everyone plays in a furious pace. Germany
is one of the same too…

** Let’s see what we fund before we bet.

Most likely BETS

Scavolini, Virtus Bologna, Venezia, Nancy, Ulm

Handicap: Sassari +5, Gravelines -13, Paris +6, Le Havre +5,
Nancy -6

Over-under: under Cholet 155

Our Picks

Nancy as basis (A) and after a triple of Nancy,
Venezia, Virtus Bologna (B)

Handicap: Le Havre +5 (A), Sassari +5 (A) and after Nancy  -6 (B)

Over-under: under Cholet 155 (B)

*** (terminology of bet values e.g. A 100 euros, B 50 euros)