From Guru of Patras

19/11/2011 (15:09)

Back in the gold-bearing coupons again since Euroleague had a lot of pitfalls even we weren’t able to avoid
unless we were on top of the laptop. While waiting for developments in the NBA.
As recent developments force more stars on looking to play for European teams now.
Already Splitter signed with Valencia
and others may follow. Of course NBAers do not bring instant success and a blatant
example is Vileurbanne with Parker and Turiaf measuring three
consecutive defeats in the First Division!
Generally a round without
much promise as you read the texts, but gives some good bets. Be careful
though. Even be more careful with changes. There are new coaches in Orthez, Roanne, and Montegranaro.

*In Germany today victories
of 1.20 no way we are going to bet…let them play these odds … We said lots of
things about
As for Orleans and their expertise in live and
saw what happened yesterday. We have A1 Greece but a strange day. Aris wins just by being Aris. But the other games want more attention.
In Spain Fuenlabrada wins and in Italy
has good odds and can take
the win also. Generally the interest today is more in the under and we should
be on a computer in hand and follow the  live.

** A2 is another story and we play it separateley!

*Remember that games of odds of 1.05 and 1.10 NEVER deserve any betting. Also
singles, with yields of 1.70 and above, handicap and under over we play them mainly
in livebetting.

Most likely bets

Wins: Aris, Fuenlabrada, Sassari

Handicap: Gravelines -19, Nancy +3, Nanterre

Over-under: Under Rethymno 147, Aris 145, under Poitiers 147 under Nanterre 157, under Fuenlabrada 144


Our picks

Wins: Aris, Fuenlabrada and Sassari in single

Handicap: Gravelines -19, Nancy +3 after Nanterre +4

Over-under: under Rethymno, under Poitiers 147. After
under Aris 145 under Nanterre
157, under Fuenlabrada 144

Best bets

The wins of Aris, Fuenlabrada and the
handicaps of Rethymno 147, Poitiers