From Guru of Patras

10/12/2011 (13:09)

Many games today, but with little interest after a super
week and a disastrous European with the ghosts of the past to show their face
again. Also today as we see in the analysis it is a strange day and we must be
careful. We have many changes as you will see in the list of absences due to the
end of the lockout in the NBA and some transfers we should watch. From Greece
we have a few choices because its a strange and tricky day, from Spain and Italy,
marginal bets from France a few things and many close games. In Germany, we can
go with Bayern even if we lose!

Our Predictions

Wins: ArtlandLe Havre– double, Bayern by itself (both

Handicap: Ilysiakos +3 or even win if it drops the handicap -and
after Wuerzburg at +7

Under Kavala 144, Nanterre 157, Frankfurt 140 on live


* The good bets are wins and Ilysiakos handicap or even win and
after we go with Wuerzburg handicap (equally the first three and less on Wuerzburg)