From American Psycho
27/12/2011 (23:09)


Atlanta Hawks: Hinrich (guard, doubtful)

Boston Celtics: Pierce (forward, doubtful), Green (forward, losing the regular season), Pietrus (guard, out to early January)

Charlotte Bobcats: Najera (forward, out to late January), Williams (forward, out until the end January), Thomas (forward, questionable), Augustin (guard, 19 p, 8 reb, doubtful)

Chicago Bulls: –

Cleveland Cavaliers:  Erden (center out until early January)

Detroit Pistons: Villanueva (Forward, suspended for 3 games does not return before December 31)

Indiana Pacers: Pendergraph (forward, doubtful), Foster (Center, doubtful)

Miami Heat: Curry (center-out until early January), Miller (forward, off to early January)

Milwaukee Bucks: Delfino (guard, doubtful), Mbah a Moute (forward, doubtful)

NJ Nets: Lopez (center-out to early February)

New York Knicks: Bibby (guard, doubtful), Jeffries (guard, doubtful), Shumpert (guard, 11 p, 4 reb, out to early January), Davis (guard, doubtful)

Orlando Magic: –

Philadelphia 76ers: –

Toronto Raptors: Kleiza (forward, out to mid January), Gray (Center, doubtful)

Washington Wizards: Vesely (forward, doubtful)


Utah Jazz: Milsap (forward, questionable)

Golden State: Curry (guard, 12.5 p, 7 as, doubtful)

Los Angeles Clippers: –

Los Angeles Lakers: Caracter (forward, out to late January), Bynum (Center, suspended for 4 games until late December), McRoberts (forward, 4 p, 6 reb, doubtful)

Minnesota Timberwolves: Miller (center-out to mid January), Pekovic (center-out until early January), Webster (guard, out to mid January)

Memphis Grizzlies: Arthur (forward, losing the regular season), Henry (guard, doubtful), Pondexter (forward, doubtful)

Dallas Mavericks: –

Denver Nuggets: –

New Orleans Hornets: Summers (forward, doubtful), Jack (guard, doubtful)

Oklahoma City Thunder:

Portland Trail Blazers: Oden (Center, doubtful)

Sacramento Kings: –

San Antonio Spurs: Neal (guard, doubtful)


HOUSTON: Paterson (forward, questionable)